Mark Rober Shark Week

Mark Rober is a former NASA engineer who has become a popular  YouTuber and host on Discovery Channel's Shark Week. His engaging and informative approach to science has made him a fan favorite, and he has helped to make Shark Week more accessible and enjoyable for viewers of all ages.

In his Shark Week appearances, Mark brings his expertise in engineering and physics to bear as he helps test classic shark myths and while helping the audience understand the science behind shark behavior and anatomy. He also uses his sense of humor and love of adventure to make the show more exciting and engaging. Whether he's diving with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas or exploring the mysteries of the deep sea, Mark is always eager to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for the natural world.



Producing, Physical Ocean Production, Shark Diving Expertise

Running Time

~24 minutes per episode




Science Doc


Mark Rober Youtube

Executive Producers

Mark Rober, Discovery Channel

Producing & Production Services

Luke Tipple & Delve Media

Directed by

Mark Rober


Eli Odegaard and Wes Coughlin

Editing Assist

Wes Coughlin

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